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Welcome to The Dark Alliance

Shrouded in mystery and lost in the mist of time The Dark Alliance have always been there, watching, creating and...generally talking about films.

What are you!? shocked face animation

The Dark Alliance is dedicated to the design and development of film productions.

Projects and news

We are always working on new projects! For the very latest you
can follow us on twitter:



Recently we were involved in running a workshop to showcase the art of filmmaking, for newcomers hoping to get their hands dirty.

The result was an excellent day with the snappy title "CTS Saturday Super Shorts", funded with monies from both the Dark Alliance and Coventry City Council’s Small Arts Grant.

The end result is a fab short film called The End of The Road.  

The Dark Alliance stepped in to visually grade and develop the sound production. Hey we even got in the way on the day filming and recording sound!

In addition we are working hard to get it produced with our friends Fargo Bay Productions.

Screenshots from The End of the Road:

Film Festivals

The Dark Alliance have also been hard at work promoting Dystopia, a futuristic sci-fi thriller. Written and Directed by Duncan Woodhouse.

Currently it is in consideration at a number of UK and US festivals as a result it is now listed on IMDB.

In addition the Dark Alliance has been involved in the sound production and visual grading of the award winning "The Killing Game" written and directed by Sam Purewal (Fargo Bay Productions).

Heres a few pictures from the amazing awards ceremony:

Sponsorship of Call The Shots

The Dark Alliance is also proud to sponsor Call The Shots (CTS) in 2012 and 2013. It is hard to make films on little or no budget, but The Dark Alliance aim to help by providing technical assistance, training and advice.     

CTS has a long standing history in film making, with over 10 years experience in producing short and feature length films. With a core team of 30 people and a network of near to a hundred, CTS is almost unique in ‘guerilla film making’ circles.

Members of CTS include writers, directors, producers and various specialists in their field.

Where are the videos!

In partnership with a number of filmmakers we are proud to present a selection of short films from a wide range of genres. Even in tough economic times filming is still an exciting venture. Here is a taster, but please click here for more 

killing game behind the scenes/trailer

We are proud to work with local and national filmmakers to help them realise their ambitions. As a result we have access to a wide range of actors, actresses, writers, directors and even further specialised roles. If you would like to contact us please email production@thedarkalliance.co.uk.

For production work we have developed this short trailer below to show you what we can achieve for you:

Dark Alliance Grading and Effects Demo

A selection of behind the scenes pictures are available here as are further pictures
taken by the team all of which we hope you enjoy, but please
let us know if you need premission to use them.

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